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The Royal Irrigation Department had studied the FS, EIA and SEA (Strategy Environmental Assessment) of the Mekong – Loei – Chi - Mun Water Management by Gravity in northeastern region and finished it in July 2012. It can be concluded that the estuary of the Loei River should be improved; dredging the diversion canal, boring the diversion tunnel and constructing the distribution canal for irrigation and flood prevention should be carried out. The water is distributed to most of the agricultural areas in Mekong-Chi-Mun basins; the irrigation area about 30.64 million rai.

The study focused on the development model in phase 1 and sought out the appropriate alternative for development, considering the budget, break-even point, development distribution, problems, urgent need and hydraulic flow of diversion tunnel in phase 1 by using physical model based on the diversion system structure, starting from Mekong River, Loei estuary (improving Loei estuary, dredging diversion canal and drilling diversion tunnel) to the tunnel exit.

Location :

Northeastern region

Client :

The Royal Irrigation Department

Field of Specialization:

Water management

Scope of Service:

To study the formats and prepare the project development by carrying out additional study to extend the result of FS in 2012
1) To study the development format of the overview of the project full development by studying key details from previous FS (2012)
2) To study impacts in Mekong caused by project development e.g., hydraulic flow conditions, and to prepare document for the operational steps in the agreement of sustainable water use of lower Mekong countries, 1995
3) To study the feasible format for the development of the project phase 1, especially in significant issues supporting the preparation, e.g., the study of flow behavior and hydraulic flow from the river mouth through tunnel both in the rainy and dry seasons, using mathematical and physical models, the study of the tunnel construction management, the management guidelines for the diversion of Mekong and Loei rivers, the guidelines for evacuation and asset compensation, etc.
4) To study the investment model or joint-venturing and to prepare appropriate investment plan to supply construction budget of fully developed project and phase 1 development plan.
5) Public relations and participation

Service Period: 

October 2015 to December 2016

Associated With:

Panya Consultants Co., Ltd.

Project Cost:

2,700 million Baht

Service Cost:

49,986,758.79 million Baht

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