Location :

Srisongkram, Nakhon Phanom Province

Client :

Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning, Ministry of Interior

Project Description :

Construction of flood protection and drainage system, purchasing and installation 4 sets of mobile pump

Type of Services :

Construction Management and Supervision

Scope of Works :

Construction management and supervision of 2 reinforce concrete pavement saddle dikes, Srisongkram river bank protection, Nong Jok dredging, 3 routes existing reinforced concrete road and drainage system improvement, supply and installation 4 sets of mobile pump.

Project Costs :

180.60 Million baht

Consultant Fee :

6.55 Million baht

Project Period :

December 2014 – September 2016

Project Components :

  1. Saddle dikes : Satarana 3 and Satarana 4 reinforce concrete pavement 0.18 m.thk. saddle dikes, total length is about 3,816 m. One side slope is protected by 0.30 m.thk riprap, the other is protected by 0.10 m.thk reinforced concrete lining. Its average height is about 3.00 m.
  2. Srisongkram river bank protection : Riprap 0.50 m. thk. , total length is about 1,200 m.
  3. Nong Jok Dredging, total volume is about 350,000 cu.m.
  4. Existing reinforced concrete road and drainage system improvement : Tedsaban 3, Ratbamrung and Satarana 2 road, total length is about 741 m.
  5. Irrigation Structure : G1, G2 and G3 irrigation structure with 2-1.50x1.50 bulkhead gates.
  6. Supply and installation 4 sets of mobile pump capacity 0.25 cu.m./sec.