maekuang 2

maekuang 3

Location :

Chieng Mai Province Province

Client :

Royal Irrigation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

Project Description :

Construction of diversion tunnel total 25.624 kilometers length with related structure and the other components

Type of Services :

Construction Management and Supervision

Scope of Works :

Construction management and supervision of diversion tunnel total 22.976 kilometers length. The internal diameter of the tunnel is determined with 4,20 m.

Associated with :

Panya Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Project Costs :

4,991.41 Million Baht

Consultant Fee :

241.810 Million Baht

Project Period :

June 2016 – May 2021

Project Components :

  • To increase water availability of Mae Kuang dam reservoir by 160 MCM per year, averagely
  • To mitigate flood and damage from flood in Chiang Mai Province
  • To enhance the irrigation stability in the irrigation area of 175,000 rai in the rainy season
  • To increase agricultural areas of 76,129 rai in Mae Kuang Udomthara Dam Operation & Maintenance Project in the dry season
  • To provide water for consumption, industrial and tourism support
  • To enhance the capacity and efficiency of water management in upper Ping basin and maintain the ecological balance at downstream